Localization & currency management

Highlight the delivery countries of your choice: custom duties and taxes calculation is integrated in the shopping cart and in the local currency !

Available with CMS modules.

Highly performant

The most accurate import duties and taxes calculation engine on the market !


Get accurate importation costs without wasting time with manual quotes.


A seamless shopping experience without unpleasant surprises for your international customers.

Localized landing page and currency management

For your e-commerce sites, your platforms, ERP systems, etc …

– Import duties and taxes calculations
– Currency management and conversion
– Shopping cart in the chosen language
– Possibility to display custom duties and taxes on each Product page

FOR WHOM? Companies wishing to provide a tailor-made online experience

PLUGINS : WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, Drupal et OpenCart

APIs : Automatic calculation, Currency management, Conversion, …

A localized site, what does it mean?

Localizing a website is a process that involves specifically adapting the content of a website to the nationality of the targeted visitors. To achieve internationalization, it is essential to take this aspect into account in order to offer a reassuring experience that responds to your visitors’ habits.

Expand your business in 178 countries

Gain customers thanks to a tailor-made experience

Facilitate the acquisition of new international customers by offering them a tailor-made experience as soon as they arrive in your e-shop ! Take matters into your own hands and reassure your international buyers with tools that meet their expectations.

A complete and tailor-made experience

Welcome your buyers in their own language

Say hello 👋 to your customers using the right language ! Transiteo does this for you by automatically detecting your new customers’ language. The experience is complete : accurate rates with no surprises, and customers greeted in their native tongue !

Strengthen trust and facilitate understanding

Use the local currency

With transiteo, offer an accurate custom duties and taxes calculation in the currency of the international buyer. Currency exchange rates are refreshed hourly and the tools automatically detect and recognize the location of the transaction thanks to GeoIP technology.


For all questions related to your activity, our sales team will assist you in the integration of the CMS Module most suited to your online shop.

Which CMS is supported by the modules?

The available CMS Modules are: Prestashop, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal and OpenCart. They are 100% free to download.

Does the shopping experience change for your domestic customers?

No, nothing is displayed when customers from your country are visiting your e-shop. The tools are only activated when they detect an international visitor.

Can we choose the specific countries that we want to offer?

Yes, it is possible to choose the specific countries you wish to offer on your e-commerce site.

Is it possible to customize the design of the integrated tools?

Yes, it is possible to integrate the colours of your visual chart or of your website for certain integrated elements.

How is the module integrated and displayed on your e-shop?

To remind the user of the chosen country, a small flag is displayed in the lower right corner : just click on it to (re)open the pop-up and choose the country and currency of the buyer.

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A solution for everyone: e-merchant, marketplace, freight forwarder, customs broker, carrier, distributor, wholesaler, brand, etc…