Automate custom classification by automatically identifying the HS codes of your product catalogs. Harmonised tariff codes are included for 178 countries !

Available via the SaaS platform.

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The most accurate import duties and taxes calculation engine on the market !


Get accurate importation costs without wasting time with manual quotes.


A seamless shopping experience without unpleasant surprises for your international customers.

Automatic HS codes classification for product catalogs

For your e-commerce websites, your platforms, ERP systems, etc …

– Integrated automated classification
– Search by product title, EAN, UPC, ISBN, GTIN
– HTS Code based recognition according to the 178 countries administered (from 6 to 12 digits)

FOR WHOM? For any company requiring to classify goods


APIs : seamless integration with all types of system

Automate manual operations from another time

Identify the HS codes of your product in the blink of an eye

Thanks to product classification, obtain the harmonized tariff codes of all types of products (except food and beverages) from and to over 178 destinations. Thanks to our AI, transiteo offers the most accurate calculation engine on the market ! Integrate it with all your tools thanks to our classification API.

A product suited to the needs of its users

Integrate our API to develop your business internationally

Our artificial intelligence helps you classify your product catalogs automatically ! By integrating our classification API, imagine your business being free of the ultimate barriers of cross-border trade.


A dedicated team and customer service

Facilitate your international shipments

Let yourself be carried by our innovations to facilitate your international strategy and enjoy the support of our team, which is at your disposal. Carry out custom clearance operations with greater simplicity. Offer a faster and more efficient cross-border shopping experience !


For all questions related to your activity, our sales team will assist you with the integration of the HS Codes Product Classification tools.

How does classification work?

We have developed a tailor-made artificial intelligence capable of identifying and determining from a bar code, the product’s title, key words, … the HS code of a product (except food products and raw materials).

And what is an HS Code?

Import and export operations and especially the calculation of custom duties to be paid to the States have never been so topical. It is for the purpose of simplifying these operations that the World Customs Organisation (WCO) set up the HS Code system ( Harmonized System) in 1988 to classify and define the goods involved in international trade. 180 countries have adopted the Harmonized System so far.

What is the difference between HS Codes and HTS Codes?

The difference between an HS Code and HTS Code is the number of digits that makes up the customs codes. HS codes, which represent the universal standard, are composed of six digits and HTS codes are codes composed of 7 to 10 digits, often unique after the 6th digit and defined on a case-by-case basis by the importing countries. These codes are important because they indicate the duty rates and tariffs of the product concerned, but they also provide statistical information for the international trade register used by almost 200 countries (for example, the US census uses these codes to determine the value, quantities, weights, etc. of products involved in trade and thus trace each product imported to and exported from the United States).

Is it necessary to classify products in order to calculate custom duties and taxes?

No, it is possible to make the calculations without having the exact classification of the product, but the result will only be an estimation since it is necessary to obtain at least 8 digits of the HTS code to make an accurate calculation. This is why transiteo has the most accurate e-commerce custom duties and taxes calculation engine on the market.

How to use our artificial intelligence and customs code classification tool with your business ?

We identified many use cases, and we are always happy to discover new ones imagined by our creative customers ! If you are in need for inspiration, our AI based customs classification tool can help you if you … :

  • are a company that carries out or plans to carry out international trade or e-commerce operations,
  • represent an e-commerce platform or marketplace,
  • are a customs broker or customs declarant,
  • offer shipping services via an online platform or APIs: carriers, forwarding agents, parcel re-shippers, shipment comparators, etc…
  • represent a government customs agency,
  • develop customs software or offer software platforms for shipments, especially internationally,
  • develop customs software or offer software platforms for shipments, especially internationally,
  • develop CMSs, and all types of solutions for e-commerce, plugins and other modules for online shops
  • are a payment provider suited to e-commerce,
  • are a banking entity and that you assist your clients abroad who carry out import/export operations,
  • are an NGO, a humanitarian or non-profit organization and are shipping goods internationally, …

How is the module integrated and displayed in your shop?

To remind the user of the chosen country, a small flag is displayed in the lower right corner : just click on it to (re)open the pop-up and choose the buyer’s country and currency.

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A solution for everyone: e-merchant, marketplace, freight forwarder, customs broker, carrier, distributor, wholesaler, brand, etc…