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To succeed in your international expansion, take advantage of our many products and applications which support you in the development of your business.

Products Index

To succeed in your international expansion, take advantage of our many products and applications which support you in the development of your business.

Identification of custom codes

Identification of custom codes

We identify HS codes up to 12 digits by classifying with the help of artificial intelligence and according to the harmonized system nomenclature for more than 15,000 product categories.

Multiple search types
You can perform all your searches by barcode (EAN, UPC, …), product title or keywords.
History and CSV export
You can consult and retrieve the history of all your searches and export the data in CSV.
We manage all versions of the Harmonized System (HS 1992, 1996, 2002, 2007, and 2012 to 2017 – and soon 2022!), therefore reaching 178 countries

Custom Duties and Taxes Calculation Engine

Calculation of custom duties and taxes

We calculate, in real time, the custom duties and taxes that apply to your international shipments (except for food and beverages).

Special cases management
We manage treaties between countries, specific taxes depending on the sender and the recipient, multi-taxes by region, intra-community VAT, thresholds and deductibles, …
Currency management
Our tools are able to handle conversion for nearly 170 currencies (EUR, USD, CADD, MXN, CHN, …) with hourly rate updates, powered by GeoIP technology.

All of our features available in SaaS

100% of our tools are Cloud based

Simply enjoy our services and products without integration, by connecting to our SaaS platform.

Instant customs duties and taxes quotes
Simply fill in a form, and get precise custom duties and taxes quotes without any set up or intervention from your technical team, in just a few clicks !
Our platform is available in 8 languages (French, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese and Indian).

And also …

Additional features

Because we have experienced all the difficulties associated with international e-commerce, we developed a complete offer. 

Restrictions management and anti-fraud
We identify the restrictions applicable to your goods by country or by product. Transiteo’s artificial intelligence can also help you prevent fraud and counterfeiting. Contact our sales team if you wish to learn more.
Tailor-made landing page
Benefit from the additional advantages and features via our CMS modules and perfectly complement the shopping experience on your e-shop.

Facilitating international e-commerce

We provide cutting-edge and tailor-made technologies for cross-border e-commerce to :

enable companies of all sizes to sell internationally smoothly and easily.
bring transparency and reliability to online buyers worldwide.
innovate for tomorrow's logistics, by bringing a new vision to future issues.

Highly performant

The most accurate duties and taxes calculation engine on the market.


Suitable to international firms of all sizes and in all industries.


Enhances the global shopping experience and integrates seamlessly.

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A solution for everyone: e-merchant, marketplace, freight forwarder, customs broker, carrier, distributor, wholesaler, brand, etc…