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Do you have a tailor-made need? But can’t find your CMS?
Don’t hesitate to contact our team for an adequate answer.

Do you have a tailor-made need? But can’t find your CMS? Don’t hesitate to contact our team for an adequate answer.

Frequently Asking Questions

For all questions related to your activity, our sales team will assist you in the integration of our custom Duties and Taxes Calculation modules for your online shop.

What is transiteo's scope of activity and added value?

Transiteo publishes software solutions for cross-border e-commerce. Our engine for goods enables us to calculate customs duties and locales taxes when an order is placed and in time to avoid customs blockages and unpleasant surprises upon arrival ! We keep innovating and developing new products and services to facilitate all international operations.

How do transiteo’s CMS modules work?

Our tools can be integrated into your platform via the various CMS modules, but also via an API call. Your customers’ purchasing experience is transparent : your customers add products to their cart and can consult, in detail or globally (depending on your configurations), the amount of custom duties and taxes due for their international order.

What is the importation cost?

The importation cost is the all-inclusive price, with no surprises upon arrival, of an order delivered to the doorstep of the cross-border buyer. The idea is to precisely include the custom duties and local taxes and other costs (VAT, management fees, etc.) of international shipments.

How do custom duties and taxes work?

Custom duties and local taxes are taxes on imported goods. When you send your orders internationally, your shipments are subject to these taxes when the goods cross the border. Duties and taxes are calculated according to the type of product shipped and its value. In some countries, calculations are based on the weight of the marchandise, as in Switzerland (only for duties and taxes).

Does transiteo’s calculation engine work for different shipping countries?

Yes, transiteo offers the most complete calculation engine on the market, available in 198 countries. USA, China, Europe, Australia, … deliver worldwide by automating import cost quotes directly in the shopping cart. If you wish to learn more about integration in your ERP systems (or other softwares) please consult our documentation.

Does Transiteo manage shipping rates or offer delivery services?

No, transiteo is not a logistics provider and does not offer delivery services. However, we optimise the preparation of your shipments by offering you the possibility of collecting the cost of imports, including custom duties and local taxes at the time of order (configurable in the CMS modules). For APIs, please consult our documentation.

With which carriers do transiteo’s modules work?

The CMS modules work with all carriers, freight forwarders and logisticians.

How accurate are the calculations of transiteo’s tools?

We carry out random checks every week and publish the audits to ensure a transparent offer. We manage the updating and monitoring of regulations to guarantee you reliable and accurate calculations.

Do taxes apply to each international shipment?

Not necessarily ! Custom duties and local taxes, like VAT, may benefit from certain thresholds below which import costs are not applied.

What are the “de minimis” thresholds ?

“De minimis”  are thresholds below which import duties and local taxes or VAT are not applicable. They differ from country to country, and often imply that up to a certain amount individuals are not subject to import costs.

And what is an HS Code ?

Import and export operations and especially the calculation of custom duties to be paid to the States have never been so topical. It is for the purpose of simplifying these operations that the World Customs Organisation (WCO) set up the HS Code system ( Harmonized System) in 1988 to classify and define the goods involved in international trade. 180 countries have adopted the Harmonized System so far.

Do I have to classify my products and harmonize my product catalogue in order to use transiteo’s automatic duties and taxes calculation tool?

 No, transiteo’s artificial intelligence does it for you ! We automatically classify the products in order to perform the calculations.

Which CMS is supported by transiteo’s modules?

The available CMS Modules are: Prestashop, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal and OpenCart. 

Does the shopping experience change for your domestic customers?

No, nothing is displayed when customers from your country are visiting your e-shop. The tools are only activated when they detect an international visitor.

I need help, I have a problem with calculations, ... what can I do?

Are you experiencing difficulties with the configuration or with calculation results ? Contact our support for all your assistance requests.

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